Proper O-Ring Installation will keep you running!

By: TDS Author | Oct 28, 2014 11:35:11 AM

SAE O-Ring Boss Fitting Installation:

Correct installation of the O-Ring Boss Fitting are ESSENTIAL to your Mud Hog running properly.  If it's not done right, you're going to get leaks.

Since down time isn't what any farmer wants during harvest season, follow the instructions below to ensure your Mud Hog runs properly for you through harvest.

This procsdure positions the fitting, positions the o-ring between the threads and the correct torque of the Fitting Lock Nut encapsulates the o-ring.


1.  The o-ring and back up washer should be in the proper position on non-threaded section nearest to the locknut.  Lubrication of the o-ring is recommended.


2.  Tighten the fitting by hand into the straight threaded boss until back-up washer contacts face of boss (left) or check washer when thread is BSPP (right).


3.  In order to position the fitting, unscrew up to one full turn then hold fitting in desired position and tighten locknut so that the back-up washer contacts face of boss and forces the o-ring within boss cavity.

Lubrication of the o-ring is recommended, adequately lubricated o-rings can eliminate damage at installation.

Positioning the back-up washer per the above instructions prevents tightening the o-ring into threads, damaging the o-ring and causing possible oil leaks.

Torque the Fitting Lock Nut to the specified torque per the size of the fitting.